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Terms & Condition

1. Mandatory for visitor to carry valid Government ID.

2. Guest unconditionally agree that he will NOT carry any illegal item and will not do any illegal act as per the Law.

3. Any one defaulting on above rule will be responsible for his own act and indemnify Owner/Manager/Master/Crew or any associated person.

4. Consumption/possession of drugs, narcotic substances & other illegal substances is strictly prohibited on the cruise.

5. Children and Disabled persons must be accompanied by a caretaker.

6. No Arms and weapons are allowed within the premises.

7. Management will not be held responsible for loss or theft of any personal belongings/valuables.

8. The owner / management/ crew/ agents are indemnified for any accident/ incident that occur on board/ premises.

9. Any damage to the property of the cruise will be recovered from the concerned person.

10. Any person causing or intending to cause disturbance/disruption on the cruise on the account of rude/violent behaviour, use of derogatory/inflammatory language, verbal or physical intimidation, obscene or lewd acts & gestures, racial abuse, non-payment of bills, provoking/indulging in fight will be evicted from the premises of the cruise or would be handed over to the police.

11. The guest unconditionally agrees that his/her photographs can be published in any publication including electronic media by the management.

12. State’s COVID 19 guidelines will be strictly followed (No Mask No Entry)

13. Guest declare that he/she dont have COVID19 symptoms before entry.

14. Aarogya setu app must be installed in your device.

15. Gate will be closed 15 minutes before the departure.

16. Any OUTSIDE food, liquid/beverages are not allowed ONBOARD.

17. No spitting ONBOARD and no throwing garbage into the sea.

18. Passport/Visa is compulsory for international guest.

19. Management reserves the right to admission and has the right to change the term anytime.

20. Entry into the premises hereby binds the guests to accept the above rules & regulations.

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